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Mar 12 2014


Making of history this weekend!

Some of our merby players are now in Birmingham, England, volunteering at the Men's Roller Derby World Cup. The event is the first in the history of Men's Roller Derby.

Find live updates, results and live streams from the tracks here.



Mar 03 2014


The first merby bout on Danish ground will be played in Aarhus on April 12! Don't miss out on this historical bout where Aarhus Rollin' Menace meets H.O.S.S.A. - Mens Roller Derby.


The first home bout for Aarhus Rollin' MenAce will be a blast that you shall not miss.


It's a 2x header between Aarhus Derby Danes vs. Hamburg Sea Gals and Aarhus Rollin' Menace vs. H.O.S.S.A. - Mens Roller Derby.



Jan 27 2014


Our players on the merby team in Aarhus, Aarhus Rollin' Men'Ace went to the 'Kings Of The North' event in Malmö.

On www.theinhumanleague.co.uk Brad The Impaler from the merby team Zom-B-Cru blogged about the event.

Here's what he wrote about the danes:


"Aarhus have our utmost respect as a team. They only brought 7 players to the tournament, so had a battle ahead of them in every bout. They never gave up, and were relentless through their entire game with us."


"Aarhus rocked through the entire tournament beating teams twice their number, if you can find a write up anywhere on them, read it. I’d love to see how they perform with a full squad. Someone to keep your eyes on for the future."


Read the blog here.


The team also made it to the front page in Sweden:



Aarhus Rollin' Men'Ace on the front page of Skånska Dagbladet



Jan 22 2014



Winner of the autographed merby t-shirt was Johnny Booster Quadburn Johnston from Ireland. Congratulations Johnny!



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